India is a country with a diverse spectrum of lifestyles in everyday life. Our attempt is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by fulfilling their basic day-to-day needs through a systematic and disciplined structure of the organization.

The world is a treasure of so many nice things to applaud and humanity is one of them. It’s humanity that makes us different from other creatures. 

Donations are also one of the key ingredients of humanity. Every religion has its special place for donations.   

We owe to society and it’s our duty to give back to society, and that’s why we have marked the goal of providing all services to at least  1  million people in the Pune region up to  2020.

In the upcoming year,  we want to reach all over  India and help the needful ones to the fullest.

Those who give to charity also participate in a cause that is larger and more significant than themselves. People don’t need to participate in volunteerism to give back – giving to a charitable cause is an equally significant of helping an organization make a difference and provide aid to the needy. Further, studies have shown that those who give to charity find themselves experiencing an overall improved sense of happiness.

About us

We all have ac heart that says to share things with others and help them when they need it.  Sometimes what happens,  we wish to help by donating or any other sources but we miss the medium.  So here we are representing  SHARE  WITH  INDIA which helps to build up the bond of humanity.

Share with India-born

on 24th August 2017.  Our goal is to bring the people together who want to give and the organizations that work to make a difference.

Our Activities


 Unnati Balgram Institution


Mahatma phule wada.Book 

Mahalakshmi Warkari Educational Institution Alandi

Mahalakshmi Warkari Educational Institution Alandi


Distribution clothes to warkari

The Donation / Giveaway thing should be in good condition
and more in quantity is preferable. Please donate your all reusable things. We
accept shoes, bags, furniture & E-waste. We provide free Pick up services.
We will deliver them to the needy people or recycling unite where they can be
given a new life.