With our Green Initiative, offer your employees the Gift of Giving Back.

Our Green Initiative is a unique program that lets employees become engaged by it, and in which we educate staff on the joy of giving. Employees today are searching for more than just employment; they want to work for companies that share their beliefs and provide opportunities to make a difference. At Share with India, we understand the significance of nurturing gift culture and sustainability. Thus, we are excited to unveil our special employee involvement initiative that will allow your team to contribute back to society and the environment.

What Does Our Green Initiative Entail?

Our green initiative is an innovative employee engagement program aimed at helping organizations initiate free donation pick-up services from employees’ homes. With this program, your employees can conveniently dispose of their secondhand items from home without going outside. This effort does not only assists in charity causes but also promotes sustainable habits through the reduction of waste.

1. Sign Up

Companies who want to become a part of this system can do so quite easily. After signing up, your company will be connected to a network that works towards social and environmental responsibility.

2. Spread the Word

Inform your workforce about the campaign and how they can get involved. We offer communication materials for ready use to help you in promoting the program within the organization.

3. Schedule Pickups

The workers can call or email for a free pickup service at their homes. Our team will take charge of organizing for its collection resulting in a smooth and trouble-free process.

4. Donate Responsibly

The collected items are sorted and sent to various charities as well as recycling centers so that your staff’s old belongings will have a new life thereby benefiting those who are less privileged among us.