Share with India is a non-profit organization committed to addressing key social and humanitarian challenges in India. Founded in 2014, we have been actively working to uplift underserved communities and improve livelihoods through our various programs and initiatives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives through:

Supplying necessary services and facilities for marginalized communities. – Promoting education and skills training for the youth and adults.

Promoting healthcare programs and preventive care measures.

We should support sustainable economic empowerment programs that provide people with a living.

Our vision

Our vision is to make India a Happy country. Even if we are currently living In
the era of achieving immense progress and development there is still a portion
of our population who are struggling for their daily needs and love.
We want them to smile. We want them to be happy like never before and
made us more human from the inside.
Helping people is a two-way healing process. It brings the smile to faces of
needy one’s and feels the donor’s heart with gratitude.
So, that’s why we are here to be a platform for helping each other.